Lakurt Harris and the "THINK BEFORE YOU ACT" (TBYA) positive behavior training program are coming to Insight Health and Fitness!  This program affords youth age 9-18 an honest view of the choices they have made, identifies their past failures, and helps them to develop a positive plan of action to reach their goals for the future. 

Lakurt Harris is a former European basketball player, a certified motivational speaker, positive behavior coach and consultant, author of the Real Talk Life Lessons quote book for youth, and the Creator of the Think Before You Act Positive Behavior Support program.


Additionally, he has a certificate of completion in life skills and character development, and over 20 years of experience working with youth in multiple capacities. Lakurt has overcome many life challenges to get to where he is today.  Born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas, Lakurt found himself involved in a life of drugs and crime by the time he was 15 years old.  He turned his back on himself and his opportunities to potentially play in the NFL and NBA to follow an uncertain path of life.  At age 17 he moved to Michigan, and his lifestyle progressively took a turn for the worse.  At that time Lakurt did not have the strength or focus to fight his way out of the mess he had created.  He became physically drained, and mentally lost, broken, and defeated.  He eventually decided that he would not become another statistic.  Though life for him was tough and his misfortunes were his own fault, Lakurt began to respect himself and others.  He thought about his loved ones, coaches, and teachers that had always told him he had to make changes and he found hope.  Now his message and example have touched thousands of youth across the country.

The Think Before You Act Program


The Think Before You Act Program is designed for youth ages 9-18 to enhance their social emotional skills and problem solving ability. The program offers a system of positive behavior strategies to schools, community organizations, Churches, individuals, juvenile facilities, and the court system.  It has been instrumental in decreasing in and out of school suspensions, truancy, and improving the capabilities of youth to realize and obtain their dreams and goals.  For additional information, or if you are interested in enrolling your child in the Think Before You Act program please click on the documents listed below.  Help us make a positive change in the lives of the youth in our community.